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The Grammar School music program is based on the premise that all humans are created to be musical.  As believers, music is an important means of worship. Therefore, our primary goal is to develop the essential music skills that every person should possess: accurate singing skills, accurate rhythmic skills, and sensitivity to the expressiveness of music. To achieve this goal, the majority of music class time is devoted to "doing music”— active music-making through singing, speaking, moving, and playing instruments. Music literacy is added as a portion of each class beginning in second grade. Each lesson also has a brief "about music" component including theory, history, or terminology presented in an age-appropriate manner.


Julie Cook, Grammar School Music Teacher

I believe that the grammar school years are the time for students to learn foundational musical skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Not every student will become a professional musician but people, especially believers, will always be engaged in music.  It is my goal that students will grow up to be musical adults who are able to comfortably sing in worship, sing lullabies to their babies, sing for celebration or comfort, clap to the beat at concerts and sporting events, and appreciate beautiful music. Julie Cook, Grammar School Music