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Creative Movement

Each week Grammar School TK and Kindergarten students have the opportunity to develop their natural movement abilities in a multi-sensory creative movement class.  Movement, music, visuals, and props channel energy in a healthy environment while bringing a unique conceptual approach to cognitive development.  Some examples of our activities include exploring obstacle courses to develop motor skills, coordination and spatial awareness, playing freeze dance to develop listening skills and balance, and integrating classroom instruction though problem solving and critical thinking.  Creative movement is an exciting way to explore movement through skill-based activities, express creativity, and have a lot of fun wile learning with classmates!


Creative movement classes are a highlight of my week at The Academy.  I always look forward to the excitement and smiling faces that greet me as TK and Kindergarteners enter my classroom.  Students look forward to our brain break activities, shaking their wiggles out, and learning new skills and concepts each week.  Incorporating play and movement into a young child's day is vitally important and allows our students to use their imagination to gain confidence.  We are so fortunate The Academy sees the importance of creative movement classes as part of the early childhood curriculum.

Stephanie McGlathery, Creative Movement Teacher