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Counselor's Corner

Upper School Counseling

The Upper School Counseling Program at Whitesburg Christian Academy helps fulfill the overall mission of the school, which is to assist Christian parents by providing students an academically excellent and Christ-centered education for life long service to Christ. The counselors in the Guidance and College Counseling Department work in a collaborative and cooperative partnership with students, educators, parents, and the community to empower students to:

Explore God given gifts, abilities, aspirations and passions.
Reach their fullest potential through assessing the power of present decisions on future opportunities in their life-long service to Christ, be resourcefully informed and guided on college and career selections in an environment where every student feels safe, loved, and can grow in their identity.  Build meaningful relationships and be productive members of society full of purpose, passion, and faith in serving Christ in all areas of life.

The Academy Guidance Department has an open door policy to all students seeking assistance. Parents and students are encouraged to contact their counselor anytime with questions, need for guidance, and with any concerns.

Guidance Topics & Issues:

  • Peer Relationships
  • Communication Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Godly self-worth & concept
  • Positive Personal Choice

Meet Our counselors 

Grammar School Counseling

The Grammar School Counseling Program at Whitesburg Christian Academy is designed to help fulfill the overall mission of the school and help develop the social and emotional learning of our youngest students. Students participate in monthly classroom guidance lessons to help them identify and positively express emotions, increase interpersonal skills in order to establish and maintain positive personal relationships, develop self-management and goal-setting skills, foster a growth mindset, and develop God-honoring character traits.  Additional services include individual and group counseling, counseling referrals, educational/psychological testing referrals, standardized testing preparation and administration, and parent-teacher conferences as needed.

Here are some great resources as you help your children navigate this time in their lives: