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Welcome to the Fine Arts Department at the Academy. We hold that arts education is vital to teach students how to understand human experiences, both past and present, as well as how they can influence future society.
Our Heavenly Father gives us many gifts, and we enjoy learning how to use them together. We would love for you to take a look at what we offer our students.
Symphonic Band is designed to further develop our students through the introduction of more advanced music, techniques, and concepts. The Symphonic Band is made up of students in grades nine through twelve, and the advanced Middle School students may audition for placement into the Symphonic Band. Throughout the year, students will have numerous opportunities to perform both collectively and individually. Previous instrumental training is required. The Academy band program is a member of the Alabama Bandmasters Association. Through the ABA, the band students have opportunities to participate in several opportunities which include the Solo and Ensemble Festival, the All-State Band, District Honor Band, and the Music Performance Assessment. The band program has been blessed with great success in these areas.
Praise Band is responsible for leading worship through music during Chapel assemblies. The ensemble consists of singers, guitarists, a pianist, a bass player, a drummer, other instrumentalists, and a sound tech. Auditions are open to all Middle School and High School Students.
Concert Band is designed to give continuing students further training with their instruments by exploring a broader range of techniques, rhythms and music. Areas of concentration include varying key and time signatures, individual tuning, ensemble balance, and music history. The Concert Band includes students in grades six, seven, and eight. Previous instrumental training is strongly encouraged.
Jazz Band is open to any students who have had at least one year of band experience. The Jazz Band provides an opportunity for the students to play other styles of music. They will learn the basics of the jazz style, as well as having the opportunity for developing improvisation.
Drama involves students in a study of dramatic arts that will provide a foundation for future participation and appreciation in a fun and lively classroom setting. Additionally, the students will gain confidence in giving dramatic presentations in front of an audience and will learn to work with others in a cooperative and responsible manner. Students are given an opportunity to develop their confidence before an audience while learning the basic techniques of dramatic performances and look forward to performing in two productions during the school year. The students in the drama program are also encouraged to participate in and support local community theater programs.

Upper School Art classes are designed to develop skills and gifts. It begins by fine tuning drawing skills and reviewing basics that will carry over into Graphic Design. As students work through the program, they will have the opportunity to work on several large scale projects, which include furniture painting, fashion design, large canvas paintings, and several graphic design projects.
Grammar School Art
The art program focuses on two areas. The first semester is spent learning new skills and techniques. The second semester focuses more on creative expression. Students will be able to render an observed space accurately, efficiently use various drawing materials, use accurate perspective and shading, depict correct proportions on faces and figures, create interesting compositions, and render details, texture and reflections. Students will use learned skills to create their own self-expressive drawings and paintings.
Grammar School Music
The Grammar School music program is based on the premise that all humans are created to be musical.  Therefore, our primary goal is to develop the essential music skills that every person should possess:  accurate singing skills, accurate rhythmic skills, and sensitivity to the expressiveness of music.  To achieve this goal, we spend most of our class time "doing music" - active music-making through singing, speaking, moving, and playing instruments.  Music literacy is added as a portion of each class beginning in second grade.  Each lesson also includes a brief "about music" component - theory, history, or terminology presented in an age-appropriate manner.

Grammar School Creative Movement
TK and Kindergarten students have the opportunity to develop their natural movement abilities in a multi-sensory environment. Music, movement, visuals and props bring a unique conceptual approach to the classroom and provide an opportunity for cognitive growth through fun and interactive lessons.