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School Committee

The Whitesburg Christian Academy Committee is the governing body of the Academy. It functions under the authority of and in conjunction with the pastor’s office of Whitesburg Baptist Church. The committee is composed of five members who are nominated by the church nominating committee and elected by the membership of the church. They serve five year terms with one member rotating off and a new member being elected each year.

The Committee uses a system called “policy governance” based on a model developed and copyrighted by Dr. John Carver and implemented under the direction of consultant Phil Graybeal. The Headmaster administers the school under this system implemented and monitored by the Academy Committee on behalf of the Senior Associate Pastor. Outside of setting and monitoring compliance of policy, the committee is not involved in the day-to-day operation of the Academy in any way. They graciously devote many hours of their time to the well-being of the Academy. The current committee members are:

Darryl Craft, Senior Pastor 
Philip Slusher, Senior Associate Pastor 
Ron Huskey, Chairman
Branyn Burkhart
Jennifer Ezell
Molli Fields
Deree Tarwater