New Carline Procedures


Dear Academy Family,


I know you share our excitement over the progress of the new grammar building. We are still far ahead of schedule, and expecting completion by New Year's Day. What a way to celebrate the new year, to dedicate our new grammar building.


With progress comes minor headaches. Effective Monday, Oct. 7, the temporary gravel road to the east and south of the new building will be closed. This is necessary to facilitate grading and installation of curb and gutters for the permanent road, drop off canopy, sidewalks, etc. The gravel road will be closed until the project is completed. The paved area of the road between the ROC and the modular buildings will remain open only for traffic to the grammar office and the parking areas there.

The carline traffic will be routed, both morning and afternoon, as follows:

  • Ninth grade drop-off and pick-up in the front parking lot will enter and exit as it does now.
  • Carline traffic must enter from Byrd Spring Road.
  • Carline traffic will pass through the carline drop-off and pick-up area by the canopy.
  • All traffic can exit at either Whitesburg Dr or Byrd Springs Rd as it does now.
  • There can be no through traffic to the east and south of the new building.

Please be aware that this will cause our traffic to back up from our line onto Byrd Springs Rd. It is very important that we move through the carline area as quickly as possible. I appreciate your patience and help in dealing with this temporary situation. What a great day it will be when we are dropping off at both buildings at the same time.


Jerry Reeder