Grammar School Building Under Construction

We have been blessed to grow steadily in enrollment, and we are very thankful for your gifts that have allowed us to grow our campus in step with our student population. We are excited that our new Grammar School building will be complete in Spring 2020!
Our donors who made this possible:
Ryan and Kim Aaron
Gary and Cindy Abercrombie
Rob and Becca Abercrombie
Bob and Bonnie Adams
Mark and Edith Aguayo
Larry and Debbie Alley
Chris and Stacy Anderson
Michael and Tahis Annegan
Eric and Tina Atchley
Alicia Bailey
Mark and Suzette Baker
Jason and Amanda Baldwin
Russ and Vicki Baldwin
Matt and Camille Barker
Clint and Laura Beth Barnes
Marc Bendickson
Trey and Samantha Bentley
Tom and Brenda Bevel
Keil and Jennifer Bishop
Bill and Patti Blackstone
Mr. and Mrs. David Bludworth
Col. Wayne and Annette Boles
Samuel and Lynn Bolin
Jeremy and Amy Bolton
Linda Bolton
Adam and Deborah Boothe
Gordon Boswell
Fred and Glenda Bright
Charles and Christy Burton
Doris Burwell
The Broadway Group
Mike and Charlotte Brodowski
Melna Brown
Tim and Teresa Brumlow
Mark and Julia Burson
Doug and Jacqueline Bush
Terry and Vicki Byard
John and Kay Carlisle
James and Joan Carringer
Todd, Mary and Cole Case
Steve and Lynn Cawthon
Corey and Brooke Chandler
Sonny and Carol Chandler
Chapman Sisson Architects
Bill and Joyce Clark
Jamie and Lori Clark
John and Jan Clarke
Matthew and Meaghann Clayton
Wes and Frances Clayton
Gabe and Kelly Clements
Bryan and Loni Cleve
Chris and Suzanne Clowers
Linda Cobb
Eric and Katie Cochran
John and Annelle Coggins
A.J. and Victoria Cole
Chad and Alicia Cole
Dian Cole
Eric and Priscilla Cole
Timothy and Kippi Coley
Oscar and Mary Elizabeth Comulada
Wendell and Julie Cook
Cavett and Megan Cooper
Johnnie Cooper
Steve and Angie Cowart
Corry and Erika Cox
Todd and Karen Crouch
David and Jamie Cummings
Glenn and Hollyce Davenport
Jordan M. and Sara D. Davis
Wallace and Lynn Davis
Nick and Kristen Dawson
Brian and Cathy Day
Dennis and Lacey Dean
Tim and Karen Denman
Jason and Shannon DeShazer
Ronnie and Karla Dickey
Randy and Vicki Dooling
Dick and Barbara Dotson
Kerry and Nora Douglas
Mary Dunne
Trent and Rebekah Dutton
Earl and Kay Eastin
Jason and Lori Edgemon
Brian and Paula Evans
Brett and Angie Franklin
Dick and Wanda Franklin
Benjamin Gamble
Rod and Michelle Gantt
Ray and Donna Garner
Audrey Geron
Jerry and Connie Geron
Richard and Jenny Gibson
Alex and Christy Gillies
John and Donna Griffin
Allen and Christy Haiges
Jacob and Ali Hall
Jim and Kim Hamby
Bradley and Amanda Hamner
Tommy and Christie Harmon
James Harrison
Gary Hasness
William and Bonnie Henderson
Bledsoe and Bertha Hereford
Mark and Robin Hodges
Rob and Molly Holaway
Tim and Tyanna Holbrook
Jon and Kim Holland
Hamilton and Lauren Holliday
Al and Maureen Hughes
Ron and Alison Huskey
Andrea and Ryan Imel
Jay and Anne Johnson
Cody and Blakely Jones
Eric and Queena Jones
Parke and Laura Keith
Duane and Becky Keller
Robert and Lisa Kennedy
Doug and Cindy Kirk
Albion and Robin Knight
Grant and Amanda Kruse
Larry and Sue Landman
The Lioce Group
Larry LouAllen Farm
Davis and Beth Lee
Dean and Melinda Lewis
Steve and Lynn Lewis
Mike and Martha Long
Jonathan and Catherine Looser
David and Joyce Loyed
Jacob and Kristina Maples
Alan and Laurie Marett
Jeff and Julie McCain
Ryan and Stacey McCartney
Randy and Libby McClellan
Wilson and Linda McClellan
Dave and Jill McConnell
James and Bonnie McCrary
Mack and Judy McCrory
Nathan and Brooke McGee
Stewart and Kasey McGill
Mitch and Cherie Meeks
John and Marion Mittell
Nathan and Brittany Moore
Ben and Anna Morrow
Rob and Lindsay Murphy
Nathan and Kimberly Neely
Koren and Adam Olinger
Neil and Phoebe Osterc
Bob and Kelli Parks
Craig and Lisa Paulus
Stephen and Jenny Perkins
Marsha Pfeifer
Jerry and Taffeney Pilman
Brian and Barbie Pogue
Luke and Sarah Powell
Earl and Lanita Presson
John and Gail Ralls
Casey and Traci Ray
Jerry and Sonya Reeder
Bob and Yvonne Reynolds
Bradley and Lindsay Rice
Eddie and Susan Richardson
Marti Richardson
Ken and Lesa Roberts
Keith and Kimberly Robinson
Robbie and Donna Roby
Lester Ross
Hilary Russell
Susan Sanderson
W.H. and Dorothy Sandlin
Christian and Mandy Scales
David and Jill Scarlett
Robin and LuAnn Scott
Eric and Jennifer Sholes
William and Janet Sholes
Larry and Joyce Sillix
Jerry and Nancy Smith
Mark and Cindy Smith
Mandy Snyder
Justin and Jessica South
Nick and Mary Stams
Kelly Marie Steinberg
Mary Sudduth
Cheng and Huong Tao
Scott and Erin Tarver
Randy and Deree Tarwater
Jeff and Michele Tate
Will and Katie Taylor
Tim and Jill Tays
James and Earline Teague
Jason and Gina Terry
Wayne and Judith Terry
Joachim and Tracey Thoenes
Heather and Joseph Thomas
Scott and Amy Thomas
Jen Thompson
Glenn and Karen Tillery
John and Lynn Troy
Philip and Alison Turner
Brian and Amanda Utley
Billy and Amy Varnon
Frank Vinz
Linda Walker
Richie and Brandi Walker
The Wellman Foundation
Jeffrey and Judy Webb
Rob and Kristi Wells
Jimmy and Frances Westmoreland
Tony and Kathleen White
Oscar and Tracy Whitt
Kerry and Pam Wilkerson
David and Patsy Williams
Len and Valerie Williamson
Andy and Wendy Wilson
Brent and Olivia Wilson
Jonathan and Angela Wilson
Don and Linda Woodruff