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AP Classes

AP Course Offerings in 2023-24:  AP Chemistry,  AP US History, AP Psychology, AP Precalculus, AP Calculus AB

Why AP?

  • Research consistently shows that AP students are better prepared for college than students who don’t take AP. They’re more likely to enroll and stay in college, do well in their classes, and graduate in four years. 
  • More than 90% of four-year institutions in the United States grant credit on the basis of qualifying AP exam scores. 
  • AP course experience favorably impacts 85% of admission decisions of selective colleges and universities. 
  • AP coursework increases scholarship opportunity and improves chances of college admission.
  • AP courses help students develop college skills - Time management, critical thinking, scholarly writing—AP courses help you hone the skills you’ll need in college and career.


AP is for all students–but you should be ready. You don’t need to be top of your class to be an AP student, but you’ll want to be prepared for the AP course you choose. Some AP classes have recommended courses you should take first, and all AP courses ask that you come willing to do your best work.