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Upper School College Counseling

As the College Counselor at Whitesburg Christian Academy, my main focus is to work with the juniors and seniors as they begin to explore colleges and tackle the college search.  It is so fun to watch them get excited about what is out there and all of the possibilities that their future can hold.  When they become seniors, we get very serious about the application process and hone in on scholarship opportunities.  My goal is to empower them to take advantage of everything at their fingertips.  My passion has always been working with high school students because of their enthusiasm and my kids at the Academy are no different.  We laugh, have a good time, and work very hard!  One of my other roles is to place each of the seniors in a semester-long internship in a career of their choice.  The senior internships allow them to get hands-on experience in the real world which is invaluable as they enter into post-secondary education.  Our goal at the Academy is to graduate life-long learners that are prepared to enter the next phase of life and I am blessed to be a part of it every day!