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Biblical Worldview

A worldview is simply the lens through which one sees the world and the tool with which one discerns truth and interprets their experience.  Our perception of truth determines our beliefs and values which shape our character and behavior. 

Everyone has a worldview and those views vary widely.  People do not make decisions based on lies, but on their varying perceptions of truth.  Moses led Israel out of bondage in Egypt (the way), at Mt. Sinai he gave them the law (the truth), and took them to the Promised Land to live in service to God (the life).  Jesus fulfilled that pattern by declaring Himself to be "the way, the truth, and the life."

A Biblical worldview accepts the Bible as absolute truth, sees the world through the lens of Biblical truth and uses that truth to interpret life experience.  The Academy guides students into Biblical truth through intentional Bible teaching in every grade, and through a process of Biblical integration in every subject.  This process does not simply seek to discover with the Bible might say about our subject matter, but to discover what our subject says about God.  Science and anatomy classes see the wonder of God's creation in the universe and our bodies as fearfully and wonderfully made.  Fine arts classes speak of the fact that we are created to be creative.  Mathematics is seen as the language that describes the order of the created universe.

Our students see The Academy as a safe place to ask hard questions:  "Where did I come from?", "Why am I here?", "Why does evil exist?", "What happens when I die?", Biblical Worldview is the only worldview that has the answer to all hard questions.